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Chef Germaine Batiste

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With such in-depth experience in set production coupled with extensive knowledge in catering, event planning became the third leg of Germaine's career stool enabling her to fulfill her life's passion!

Begins with a marriage of in-depth event planning and production experience coupled with many years of catering knowledge
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Second Sapphire Productions, LLC. was established to provide elite full service production, event planning and catering to all their clients.  With over 20 years of experience in both event planning, set production and catering, we chose to combine these talents which enables us to create affairs that are unique, extravagant but affordable!

It is our passion to provide all of our clients with the same elaborate services experienced by the world's top fortune 500 executives and high-profiled celebrities.  We are fully committed to using all of our extensive experience to create an event which mimics those which are hosted by large corporations and the wealthy.  We manage every detail of our events so that your total experience is as "stress-free" as possible.

is to provide all of our clients with the most extravagate and memorable events possible for whatever price they can afford.  After working for over 20 years catering to celebrities and large corporations, it is our mission to bring these same elite services to clients who, until now, felt that such events were out of their reach.
"It is my heart's desire to utilize my creativity to make full service production events affordable for all my clients giving them the most elite and memorable event possible!"
Germaine Batiste